Virgin coconut oil (VCO), extracted from fresh coconut meat without chemical processes is said to be the “mother of all oils”. It is rich in medium chain fatty acids, particularly lauric acid and is a treasure trove of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants.


Coconut Kernels are first disintegrated into small pieces in a Disintegrator and then fed into a screw press for milk extraction. The oil is then separated from the water using a centrifuge. The result is a clear coconut oil that retains the distinct scent and taste of coconuts.


Identity Characteristics
Relative density 0.915 – 0.920
Refractive index at 40 degrees C 1.4480 – 1.4492
Moisture, % weight, max. 0.1 – 0.5
Insoluble impurities, %by mass, max. 0.05
Saponification value, min 250 – 260
Iodine value 4.1 – 11.00
Unsaponifiable matter, % by mass, max. 0.2 – 0.7
Specific gravity at 30 degrees / 30 degrees C 0.915 – 0.920
Acid value, max. 0.5
Polenske value, min. 13
Odour & taste Free from foreign & rancid odour & taste


Packaging will be done in steel drums. Specific requests on a different packing container will also be entertained.