We are manufacturers of High and Low Fat, low moisture Desiccated coconut powder (Crispy, Sweet, and Natural White, 100% natural without any Additives which can be used as a substitute to raw grated coconut.


The fresh matured coconuts are de-husked and de-shelled. The de-shelling is done by a special knife to get the kernel in the form of a ball, which is pared to remove the testa. The pared kernel balls are then cut open to drain off the water and then washed thoroughly in fresh water to remove the invert sugars from the inner surface of the kernel. The kernel is then ground into a fine mass using hammer or pin mills. The ground mass is blanched with live steam for about 20 minutes to bring down the microbiological counts. The blanched mass is then dried in a hot air drier at a temperature of 80-90oC for about 10 hours so as to bring down the moisture content to below 3 per cent. The hot air drier is provided with a drying chamber consisting of a series of trays, which hold the feed. Hot air is blown into this chamber from an external source through blowers. The dried mass is tested for moisture, free fatty acid and microbiological counts before being packed for distribution.


Moisture, % by mass, max. 3
Oil content, % by mass, min. 65
FFA (as lauric) % by mass, max. 0.3
So2 50 mg/kg
Bulk density 350 g/l±30
Particle size, %by mass 95min.<1.7mm 20max.>1.4mm
Microbiological limits
(i) Total plate count <10000
(ii) Yeasts & moulds <100/g
(iii) Coliforms <10/g
(iv) Salmonella 0/g


Packing will be done in polylaminated Kraft paper bags with inner poly liner. Bulk packaging is in 10 kgs, 15 kgs, 25 kgs, 50 kgs. Packing Mark can also be printed based on buyer’s request.


a) 480 bags of 25 kg packing (12 tons) in one 20′ FCL b) 960 bags of 25 kg packing (24 tons) in one 40′ FCL